Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. The system is used by over 1.5 million users per day as well as most major airlines and many other players in the aviation industry (including Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer). Husky was commissioned to refine the iOS and Android mobile applications. The brief for the new design was to create a mobile friendly version of website Flightradar24.com with the long term goal of getting a more dependable and recurring revenue stream.

Together with a remotely located in-house team based in Stockholm we created a friendly experience for new users but one that was also recognisable for existing customers. We were successful in changing the business model from a paid to freemium app.


Collective Sense

Collective Sense is revolutionary performance and security tool for administrators of high-level and complex networks. It follows the organisation’s system streams, detects problems and suggests the best solution.

Flowhunt joined as in-house experts and worked across a multi-skilled team to build the product from the very beginning. From laying out the brand guidelines, conducting user research and customer interviews, we created the product mockups and visual interface.

Our customer’s main need was to create user friendly data flows and streamlined communications between specific charts. We adapted to the reality of working in a startup where the business environment is dynamic by introducing a daily rapid prototyping approach that requires constant iteration and customer validation.



Statlook is one of the most innovative IT administrator management tools on the Polish market. The software has been used by over 6500 customers over a 15 year period in a fast evolving environment. Although the product does respond to user needs, the team asked Husky to review the shape and functionality from scratch. The main focus was put on creating an efficient and friendly workflow for professional hardware and software managers.

We started with a general desktop product audit and data driven research for the new web version of the product. The next steps were to conduct customers interviews, surveys and to research the technology opportunities. Our designers dissected every functionality screen by screen, and used these insights to optimise the process. We also gave Statlook a new set of solid visual guidelines that were based on Google’s design materials.


Alpha Recycling

Android tablet application was one of the unusual and most interesting product we worked on. The company provide very exceptional and high-level service in metal recycling solution for the competitive catalytic converter prices and grading. Recycling team is on the road 24/7 to pick up catalytic converters, equipped with professional devices. Customised application helps them to collect data and facilitate transaction from scrap yards, auto recyclers, tow truck companies, muffler shops and independent buyers.

As creative designers we very appreciated a task to build highly customised and fully functional solution for given niche market. Searching for interfaces very far from common user mental models gave us a moment of ‘out of the box’ thinking and results with deeply specialised tool for end users.



JetPhotos is the largest aviation photography website on the internet. Since 2015 the company has been a part of leading aircraft tracking service Flightradar24 and supplies photos to the company's website and apps.

The main challenge of the project was to rebuild an elderly interface without loosing its very engaged and long-term users. We kicked off with deep discussions about user characteristics and behavior to work out the best design approach. Immersive sessions and subsequent iterations gave us the chance to really get into the details of user journeys, user needs, screen flows and how the product should be represented online.assets/


Amage Systems

Amage Systems is a robust system for supporting the production processes, supervision and operations of industrial customers. We were invited as external experts by the main investor, Elsta Ltd., a company that provides comprehensive solutions in the fields of electric power supply and industrial automation. Our challenge was to design a web-based customer application as the first piece of a complex asset management application that includes desktop, mobile and hardware interfaces.

We enjoyed very much the challenge of working together with our client’s engineers, developers and technical customers. The main goal of tight integration for customers experience was successfully reached after intense feedback sessions and the creation of numerous interactive mockups and visual layouts. The development of the product is now progress, and the first users are already interacting with it.


Base Crm

Base CRM is a sales platform that features tools for email, phone dialing, sales pipeline management, forecasting and reporting among other things. The platform is available on web, iOS and Android and serve over 7 million customers. In February, 2013 Base CRM was recognized by Forbes as one of 10 Mobile Apps to Organize Your Business.

We joined to the design team in 2013 when the platform was quickly adopting new users and juggling the many business opportunities that emerged as a result. We helped the in-house teams in Krakow and Chicago to explore new features and transfer the user experience and interface through different platforms and systems. We were also asked to apply platform benefits to the application guide, where all the crucial features were visually explained in detail.


iLumio Tv

iLumio TV stands out from all our portfolio projects due the specialised targeting towards the hotel industry as well as the interface – a 50 inch screen and remote control. The system serves as an interactive guest service and accompanies the hotel guest from the moment of booking and guides them through the arrival, stay and check out experiences. The TV app we created communicates with various parts of the entire system including the hotel mobile app, in-room automation control, video chat with a concierge and the interactive guest service.

We took part in the early stages of the product development process so our main task was to understand user needs and transform them not only into a great mobile app but a great hotel experience. iLumio works with global hotel brands so our biggest challenge was to find an appropriate balance between business requirements and user benefits. Together with their marketing and sales specialists and invaluable engineer insights, we built a high-level architecture for the information and created visual guidelines for the entire system.