Creative Workshops

At Husky we learn constantly and collaboratively, because successful projects need participation from both us and our clients. We believe that anything that is creative but also reasonable comes from bringing together diverse perspectives and multiple approaches. We use brainstorming and bringing together designers, developers and stakeholders to keep us on the same track, bring the best ideas to the surface and resist going down blind alleys. The most common methodologies we use are Google Design Sprint, customer journey mapping, developing persona, Business Model Canvas.

Data Driven Design

No one comes to your website just for the graphic design. Your customers are looking for text content, data, videos or photos. They want to DO something – not admire curves, shapes or colors. We create interfaces to extract the most important information and generate the actions that leave your customer fulfilled and your business more profitable.

We don’t trust personal taste. The only evidence we consider relevant are numbers and audience opinion. To collect these we check metrics, carry out user evaluation, customer interviews, and A/B testing in order to measure the results of our work.

Fast Prototyping

In design the process never ends, that’s why having something done is always better than having something perfect. As a member of your team, we always show you the work in progress to make sure that everything is on track to hit the budget and goals. We have frequent check-ins and validate our conclusions on a regular basis. We let you know immediately if it looks as though a deadline or budget may be slipping.

Intense Feedback

We are invested and passionate about the results we are working to produce. While working on the product we expect every piece of design to be subjected to vigorous discussion. We believe that pushing and inspiring each other bring us closer to building something good. We don’t take things personally and we consider arguing as a sign of involvement.

Solid Visual Guidelines

We don’t draw our layouts without considering future user scenarios. Instead we offer holistic and solid elementary interfaces (inspired by atomic design) to give developers a great stylesheet that they can use on a daily basis.

We consider the design process to be finished not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Work with us on the minimum form of user experience and graphic design that is needed to give your customers the fastest and most efficient way of achieving their goals.

Constant Iterations

The design process isn’t an immediate magic, it is a craft that is practiced over a given time. The more time we devote to it, the better the results we achieve. The best design teams break projects up and deliver them in pieces, validating the pieces as quickly as possible. We like to know directly from our users or leading stakeholders whether our work has met their needs. If not, we improve it. If yes, we only make it better.

Remotely & In House

Our 6 years of working together with clients in all corners of the world have taught us which are the most effective processes (daily stand-ups, everyday reporting, online tools) and communication skills that work best for long-distance cooperation. We are well-organized, self-driven and focused on the end goal, which makes us ready to tackle an offshore workflow.

If you prefer, we can also offer an in-house service, whether you are looking for an individual or a larger interdisciplinary team, we have a designer for you.

By choosing us to work with us you’ll get not only a designer but a design service based on the most up-to-date practices.