For whom?

Product Designers, Software Developers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Owners

For everyone who takes decisions in product development process.

max. 15 attendees.

6h: theory 30% + practice 70%.


From beginners to seniors in the IT industry. Knowledge of design or programming is not required.


Persons Template Customer Journey Map.


Attendees will define a promise of value to be delivered, communicated, and acknowledged by the specific product or service. Highlighted values will be delivered, experienced and acquired by future customers.

Defined value proposition and tagline can be applied to an entire organization, or parts thereof, or customer accounts, products or services.

value proposition canvas

A value proposition canvas is a simple tool that complementarity and quickly brings to light the core point of the product value. The training will finish with service principles that a company would like to introduce to future customers.

The main goal of every business is to offer a value that intersects with your customer desires. At this workshop, we look for a perfect fit between what users need and what is possible to build, considering the business requirements.

product tagline

The first challenge is to extract fundamental values and the second is to communicate these to your customers in an appropriate way. Benefits defined by attendees during the ‘value proposition canvas’ exercise need to be summarize into a short but powerful slogan. The words have to carry the message perfectly and at the same time be catchy and unforgettable. The training participants will take the first step into complex and consistent brand building.