For whom?

Product Designers, Software Developers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Owners

For everyone who takes decisions in product development process.

max. 15 attendees.

6h: theory 30% + practice 70%.


From beginners to seniors in the IT industry. Knowledge of design or programming is not required.


Value Proposition Canvas Product tagline defining.


The trainees will learn how to gather data for creating a persona. They will collaboratively build a real template they can use in future development processes. The main exercise involves a map which can be used to highlight the gaps, pain points and opportunities of the user experience, both from the perspective of the user and the provider.







A persona is an archetype of the customer, built on previous exhaustive research, used to create a solid foundation for building the product strategy.

Each persona represents an existing social group which gives a real overview of your potential user. It is also common to create an anti-persona template to exclude a group from the product 's business activities.

Creating personas serves not only in designing the product but also for user testing, marketing or sales purposes. It helps in every area where communication with the end-user is consciously crafted.

customer journey mapping

This is an oriented graph that specifically presents the journey of en end-user by different touchpoints that characterize their interaction with the service or product.

According to the specific case and purpose of the workshop, various scenarios can be created. All team members put their knowledge and experience into a worksheet description.

This map visualization might be based on the current product or service process in order to improve it. It’s also possible to create it from scratch to fully define the flow for future testing.